A Unique Artist Transforms Old CDs to Amazing Animal Sculptures

The art beautifies our world by giving old materials a brand-new purpose

Art has a way of taking something old, broken, or damaged and turning it into something new that will bring beauty and joy to the world.

Many artists believe that when you give something old a new purpose, you create a special kind of art that helps the environment, and teaches us that anything could be beautiful again, could be used once again, as long as we use our imagination.

Sean Avery is definitely one of those unique artists: he loves to take broken pieces of CDs and transform them into incredible art.

Sean goes through trash and finds many CDs that people throw out every single day. He smashes the CDs into shards, so he’ll be able to reassemble them as he pleases.

Usually, Sean creates animal sculptures of cutie animals and pets. He makes sure that all of the materials he uses are either recycled or recyclable, to aid the environment.

Could you believe that an old, useless disc could become such a beautiful piece of art?

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