A Well-Known Bulgarian Artist Uses Googly Eyes to Make Art

The googly eyes are adorable: we all used to play with them and glue them on socks and paper when we were little, but some artists have decided to take the craft to the next level and make it art.

Many artists all over the world have started to stick googly eyes on practically everything, as long as it looks cute and arouses emotion. The aim of the art is usually to make people laugh, although some images can really make you think; and maybe even shed a tear.

One of those artists is Vanyu Krastev. He’s a Bulgarian artist that has recently started to decorate Bulgaria and give it a new, spectacular look. 

Krastev likes to glue googly eyes on everything: trees, lamps, sidewalks, and doors – beware, because Krastev is coming to give you a new face.

Krastev noted that he likes to take the most ordinary items, and show that anything could become artistic and beautiful if we just use our imagination. He would also love for people to draw inspiration from his work, so they’ll also beautify our world with fascinating, moving faces. 

Which one of Krastev’s creations do you like best?

What do you think?

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