All Brides Have Trouble Going to the Bathroom – Not Anymore!

The wedding day is one of the happiest days in a couples’ life. The emotional event commemorates the love that the two share for each other, and their willingness to stay a team forever.

Nevertheless, women on their wedding day are known to be stressed. It’s understandable, not only is it one of the happiest days of their lives, they have to take care of thousands of things that only they know how to handle. 

When you think about it, between the caterers, the music and the venue, the couple barely spends time together.

Comically, one woman was stressing about a unique matter that each woman faces on her wedding day –  the excruciating difficulty of going to the bathroom.

The future bride didn’t want any help in the bathroom on her happiest day. She knew that it could be quite uncomfortable having a bunch of people holding your dress as you pee.

The bride knew that many women need help in the bathroom due to the dress’s enormous and puffy magnitude. Consequently, she started to think about how she could overcome the common problem.  

Consequently, the astute bride came up with a witty hack, that could help all brides in the world enjoy the bathroom safely with no accidents.

The clever bride took an old IKEA bag and cut a large hole in the bottom of it with scissors. Afterward, she just pulled the bag up, while making sure that her perfect mermaid dress goes up along with the bag. That way, the bag catches the entire wedding dress and helps any bride use the bathroom freely.

Proud of her cheap and useful hack, the bride posted her successful endeavor on Facebook. The post went viral within minutes, with many women thanking the bride for sharing her incredible hack.

Many women tried to suggest different hacks, to aid go to the toilet during your wedding day. While some suggest trying to sit backwards on the toilet, others suggest avoiding drinking entirely. 

Obviously, our bride’s hack is the best and most creative suggestion. We are happy to note that the happy bride married her beloved man a few weeks ago and had a fantastic time. She also reports that toilet time when just fine, and she was proud of herself for coming up with such a handy hack.

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