Bestselling Children’s Illustrator Started Teaching Children Drawing on YouTube

As a huge part of the world is quarantined at home, around 300 million of those people are kids who have found themselves bored. And while kids are idle, parents are exhausted, trying to keep their kids busy! Well, this incredible author and illustrator had a lightbulb moment in which he decided to use his talent and knowledge to make this complicated time much better!

The bestselling author and illustrator, Mo Willems, has started teaching drawing every weekday on YouTube to children who are isolated at home. He came up with an incredible program where he will be having sessions called “Lunch Doodles” in which he will reveal the secrets of drawing and enrich the kids’ knowledge.

And while parents try to master multitasking of homeschooling their kids and provide for them, this big-hearted illustrated allows them to take a 25-minute break by keeping their kids busy in an educational activity.

Millions of people are keeping up with the joyful session!

Prepare yourself! The session will start every weekday at 1 P.M EST

Amongst Willems’ bestsellers, you can find “Knufflebunny”, “The Pigeon Has to Go to School!” and my favorite “I Will Take a Nap!”. He said that the live streaming “Lunch Doodles” videos would be captured from his own home, making it much more intimate and personal. 

You can find the video sessions on the Kennedy Center’s YouTube account and their website as well.

 The well-known compassionate illustrator uses the moment to decrease the kids’ anxiety by relating to their situation.

He explains step by step!

The brilliant initiative started a few days ago, and both kids and parents can’t get enough! The “Lunch Doodles” episodes are about 20 to 28 minutes long. Follow Mo Willems’ Twitter to stay posted!

Kids have been sharing their results!

Start watching Mo’s sessions now!

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