Boy Scout 3D Prints 1,200 Ear Guards To Ease Healthcare Worker’s Mask Pain

Among the countless shocking images that spread across social media lately, one of the most unpredictable ones were those of the faces of healthcare workers after finishing a long shift. It turns out that apart from dealing with the obvious challenges that come with being on the frontline of fighting the pandemic, healthcare workers also need to cope with extreme pain caused by the masks they’re bound to wear.

A Canadian hospital asked for the public’s help in finding ways to ease the pain caused by the masks, after wearing them for extended periods. Quinn Callander, a concerned boy scout was up for the job. His mother, Heather, later shared her son’s ingenious creations on Facebook:

The boy designed and 3D printed more than 1,200 ear guards that ingeniously solve the healthcare worker’s problem. Quinn’s ear guards redirect the pressure caused by the mask’s straps from the ears, to the person’s head, thus allowing them to be worn comfortably for significantly longer periods.

Quinn donated more than 12,000 ear guards to nearby hospitals, but his generosity didn’t stop there. He made the project files public so that anyone who has access to a 3D printer could replicate them.

Quinn wrote in the file’s description: In one week I’ve personally produced over 1300 straps, 1215 have gone to a few hospitals in my region where they seem to be really appreciated. A volunteer group that I’m contributing to in the Vancouver BC area has delivered over 3300 straps including mine.

It’s incredible to see the impact that one young boy can have on the lives of many others.

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