Chocolate and Pickles? What?! No!!!

Chocolate is the best food group ever! It’s good with anything, and you want to mix it with everything: cheese, peanut butter, fruit, jelly, even eggs could taste well with chocolate… But pickles?!!!

Maybe we should take a step back and think before we act? Nope, too late, someone has already decided just to go crazy and do this, and we have no idea why.

Chocolate covered pickles?! Really?! Could it really be a thing? Malley’s Chocolate company is looking to find out. They invented the chocolate-covered pickles and released them as a limited edition, to test the waters and see if there are more crazy people like them, who are intrigued by the interesting combination.

Any risk-takers?


The average pickle is quite moist, so it makes you think what the chocolate cover could do to it. The moisture could accumulate within the candy bar, and make the pickles lose their crunchy feel. Moreover, it makes the entire candy bar have a wet, soaked like feeling, which is definitely not a favorite.

Some people were brave enough to challenge the mighty pickled candy bar. Although the reviews are mixed, Malley’s Chocolate company continues manufacturing the chocolate bar, and has been doing so for over a year! 

Could this mean that this candy bar actually has a few devoted fans? 

We’re not sure, but one thing is for certain – Malley’s Chocolate company loves to mix weird foods with their chocolate. Here is example number two:

Chocolate with raisins is one thing (and let’s be honest, it’s not that good a thing either) but chocolate with grapes?! Are you serious? The grapes also carry moisture, so it doesn’t seem like such a great fit either.

Would you be willing to try the weird treat? Well, you’ll have to live close by to a Malley’s Chocolate retail location, since the pickles and the grapes definitely won’t travel well. 

Good luck! If you survive, we’d love to hear what you thought of the taste!

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