Guy Notices Gorgeous Brooklyn Girl Dancing On A Roof And Sends A Drone With His Number On It

The recent crisis has surely brought unlikely situations, and besides hardships and frustration, we’ve have been coming across entertaining content online.

This one guy, Jeremy Cohen, saw a beautiful girl dancing on a building roof next to his house in Brooklyn and had to do something to get to her. The brilliant guy didn’t let anything stop him from contacting her!

He went to his balcony and waved. Luckily, she waved back, but it wasn’t enough for him. Jeremy had a lightbulb moment and decided to take his drone, put his number on it, and send it out to her, and that was the beginning of an epic love story.

He said that he hasn’t been on a date for a long time, and now he’s craving social interaction, and the quarantine has inspired creativity for him.

Meet Jeremy

Jeremy finds it hard being all by himself between four walls for such a long time, but now he has something to keep his mind busy and look for.

He saw his beautiful neighbor dancing on the roof and decided to do something to contact her

He assumed she was taking a video for TikTok

He waved, and happily, she waved back

Here’s the girl, Tori.

He went back inside and took his drone

He sealed his number on it

He usually doesn’t flirt, but the quarantine had been frustrating, and he craved social interaction.

The note reads: “text me”

He sent it to her

The girl didn’t expect it.

He got a text from her an hour later!

The day after, he asked her out, but she wondered how that would work these days.

They set up two tables with microwaved dinner

Jeremy is a professional photographer, and so he took incredible pictures of her!

The gentleman told her she looks beautiful

They FaceTimed so they could talk

His friends asked him for updates

To be continued…

Watch the unbelievable videos of the romantic story!

He wanted to take it to the next level, and so he’s planning a surprise for her.

TikTokers couldn’t get enough of the romantic love story and can’t wait to hear more!

He said that his mom, Eva Grayzel, a cancer survivor, taught him the power of storytelling, which inspired him to make such a gesture.

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