Hilarious Moment An Italian Priest Accidentally Streams Mass With Facebook Filters On

An Italian priest attempted to give his Sunday mass through a Facebook live stream but instead made a sin the internet is going to find very hard to forgive. 

The priest, named Paolo Longo, of the San Pietro and San Benedetto di Polla church in Italy’s Salerno province, streamed his 50-minute catholic mass, following the country’s extensive coronavirus lockdown. Now, before we all have a good time and bash the man for his comical mistake, let’s give him the credit he rightfully earned. He positioned the camera just right, the sound works perfectly fine and the idea of allowing people the opportunity of praying at these hard times through a video Livestream is a great idea altogether. There’s just one crucial thing he forgot to do. To turn the filters off. And the result? Even more hilarious then you think.

Paolo Longo

Only a few seconds into the mass Facebook’s AR filters start to appear on the man’s face and change regularly. First, a futuristic helmet appears on the man’s head, then a set of AR weights, followed by a pair of dark shades, a luxurious grey beard, then his entire face changed to that of a cheeky black and white kitty, only to be replaced by a stunning pink mustache and a pair of cartoonish eyes.

Paolo Longo

The priest, unaware of the digital mayhem that’s being streamed to the masses, continues to give his mass for 50 long and amusing minutes.

Paolo Longo

Priest Longo seems to be a man with a fantastic sense of humor. After being confronted with his hilarious mistake the man simply twitted: “Even a laugh is good”, and we couldn’t agree more!

Watch the hilarious accident in the video below, and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!

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