Indian Police Officer In India Wears A COVID-19 Helmet To Warm People To Go Back Home


A police officer has come up with a brilliant idea to raise awareness on the coronavirus in India and has gone viral with just a few hours!

Meet Rajesh Babu, a determined police officer from India who had a lightbulb moment that has caught international attention for all the right reasons. He took a coronavirus helmet and decided to don it to frighten people when they see him during the patrol.


The cup was seen pulling over cars just to explain the situation to raise awareness and minimize the outbreak effects.


In an interview with Asian News International, he said that using the helmet is only one of the measures he took to make people aware of the endemic and admits that kids were intrigued by it and went back home after seeing it, to stay safe.


He continued to say that although officials go above and beyond to ensure that people stay at home, many still come out on the streets. When Rajesh wears the coronavirus helmet, he reminds people who see it about the crisis, hoping to save some lives.


Anyways, this effort is much appreciated, and we do encourage more initiatives like this. Feel free to share them with us.

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