Jon Foreman Creates Incredible Rock Formations And Surprises UK Beachgoers

Jon Foreman is an unusual kind of artist. He likes to go walk alone down to one of the many beaches surrounding his hometown of Pembrokeshire, Wales and arrange rocks in all sorts of eye-pleasing formations.

Foreman discovered ‘land art’ when he was in college and immediately fell in love with it. He loves to get immersed in the prosses of placing one rock upon the other and finds it to be much more therapeutic than traditional drawing or painting.

From the moment of arrival, it takes Forman around four hours to create his magnificent sculptures. He doesn’t like to plan what his work’s going to look like and finds more comfort in the freedom of just creating and discovering his art as he’s working on it.

Foreman’s biggest breakthrough as a land artist happened when he participated in the Llano Earth Art Fest where he met and collaborated with many artists who share the same love for ‘land art’.

Lately, Foreman and other ‘land artists’ have been the target of critics, claiming that their work is harmful to the environment, and animals living among the rocks being used for their art. Foreman says that these claims are nothing more than baseless personal opinions – after all, it only takes his art less than a few hours to be washed away.

Foreman chooses to see the beauty in his life’s short lifespan. He says that that’s exactly what makes it so unique, and loves the fact that within a few hours he’s left with nothing but an empty canvas to work on the following day.

For more of Jon Foreman’s incredible works visit His site – Or Instagram page –

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