Police Car in Spain Comes Across a Wandering Dinosaur During Lockdown

Among other countries, Spain has announced a lockdown recently due to the outbreak. People were ordered to stay at home and leave only for essential purposes. In order to keep the public safe, police cars were spread all over the big cities to make sure people uphold the government’s directives.

And as the streets are almost empty, one policeman in the southeastern city in Spain, Murcia, came across an unlikely thing – a dinosaur walking around town. The police couldn’t turn a blind and approached the huge dinosaur.

People around couldn’t help but capture the scenario from afar!

It was only last weekend when Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez declared a lockdown: “The government of Spain will protect all its citizens and will guarantee the right life conditions to slow the pandemic with as little inconvenience as possible.”

Meanwhile, in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson called people who have a fever or a new persistent cough, to stay at home for 14 days. He continued to say that if one individual in a household shows a symptom, the rest of the household should stay isolated at home. He explained that a dynamic crisis requires drastic actions.

Our thoughts are with all the casualties and people around the world who are under a lockdown – we will win this together. 

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