‘Star Wars’ Tie Fighter Fire Pit Is the Next Feature You Want in Your Backyard

Spring is the best time to spend your day outdoors. That’s why we’ve made this article just for you to make it much better with a small and brilliant touch.

For those who like to invite people for BBQs or just chill out in the backyard, we have an incredible upgrade that will make your time more enjoyable and cozier. The next feature will put your yard on the map!

Meet the incredible powerful Star Wars fire pit welded by hand by Michael Finney.

The Star Wars fans between us will probably recognize what it resembles – the TIE fighters that the folks from the Galactic Empire fly.

You can now rest assured that guests will think twice before entering your backyard because the Star Wars fire pit has a huge say – “you’ve just entered a stylish backyard!”.

While the stand for the fire pit is the wings, the wood holder is the incredible propeller.

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#tbt Firepits ready for patrol.

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You can order one via DM to the talented artist and ask whether he’s willing to create one for you.

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