The ‘Snoring Swatter’ is the best Hilarious Solution for Snorers’ Spouses

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest issues in couples’ lives is snoring companions. For those who are responsible for the inconvenience – it’s your lucky day for we have the perfect solution for you.

Well, the Poundland company understands the ongoing issue and decided it’s time to put a stop to it. They started to create a special device that would make relationships and lives better! The brilliant product which costs 1 euro aims to help people stop snoring.

The Snorting Swatter is the perfect neat anti-snore solution. The rounded fist enables our spouses to give us a nice, gentle punch that will encourage us to turn over and stop snoring. 

Instead of being aggressive, the Snorting Swatter is made out of delicate, rubbery materials and has a king-size reach, which helps our partners give us a friendly, assertive touch, that will catch our attention, stop our snoring and aid us to sleep better through the night.

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It’s vital to get the right amount of sleep, and snoring could easily ruin our success rates. Both partners suffer due to snores; while the snorer wakes up each time, the other spouse just can’t sleep with all that noise.

Thankfully, one devoted shopper found the item and posted it on Facebook, to aid all partners to enjoy a quiet night.

The post went viral within minutes, with people commenting on how this could become a great and simple solution for such a common problem.

Some people even thought that this nice gadget could have other kinds of uses. Intimate uses. There are over 10,000 comments on the post, and many try to add different and creative methods of use for the blue punch.

Poundland offers another kind of snoring helper, which is more of a pointing finger instead of a fist. It was posted on Facebook last January and also received very positive comments.

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This finger-prod is a little gentler than the fist, and pokes our significant other, to alert them that they’re snoring and need to turn over. It’s also priced for 1 euro only and could help many frustrated couples enjoy a beautiful, quiet night of sleep.

Just like the fist, many people in the comments tried to offer alternative uses for the gadget. Some are hilarious, while others could be true hacks. It’s definitely a must-read!

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