Theater Artist Receives A Pack Of Wool And Becomes A Toy Designer

It’s never too late for a career change, just ask Nastasya Shuljak.

The Moscow-based artist worked as an art teacher and theater artist, but her life changed when a friend gave her an unexpected New-Year’s present – a pack of colorful wool.

Nastya started making magical felted wool creatures as a fun pass-time, but her hobby soon turned into a full-time job.

Have a look at the first felted animal Nastasya ever made! Not too shabby…

Nastasya grew up in a small town in Russia, around lush green forests and natural springs. Nowadays her abundant childhood in the countryside is greatly reflected in her work.

Nastasya’s puppets come in almost every color, shape and form. From foxes, bears, bunnies and other forest animals, to mystical critters that have tiny plants growing from their heads and look like they came straight from a fairytale.

Nastasya doesn’t want her creations to be displayed at art galleries. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t even view them as works of art. She takes greater pleasure in the knowledge that her toys bring joy and pleasure to many kids all around the world.

Follow Nasyasya’s magical Instagram page. We guarantee that you won’t get enough of her adorable little creatures!

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