Why Older Your Sister Has Made You A Better Person

If there’s anything that the movie Frozen taught us, is that our older sister is our treasure: she’ll always be there for us for the tough times and the good times, she’ll help us finish our chores, do our homework, and sometimes she might even let us “borrow” her cutest top; especially if we don’t ask in the first place.

Well, apparently we owe our big sister a lot more gratitude than we think, because scientific studies prove that having a older sister has a lot more benefits than what meets the eye. 

Evidently, sisters aid improve our overall development and make our lives more consistent and stable, which highly advances mental development. The studies found that kids who have older sisters usually end up as healthy individuals, who lead a peaceful life and acclimate better to any situation.

There are many more benefits to having a protective big sister, here are just a few.

1. Big sisters help us develop mature skills and an understanding of the other

A study that was conducted at Ohio State University inferred that children who have big sisters, usually end up having incredible marriages, which rarely end in divorce. 

No, it’s no coincidence. The researchers discovered that kids who have big sisters usually develop skills such as empathy and a way to put themselves in others’ shoes. Thus, they tend to be more understanding and considerate toward their partner.

It’s no secret that the first years of our lives are essential for our development. Because many brothers and sisters tend to fight, face conflicts and confide in one another, they practice behaviors that will help resolve problems better in the future, and come to a better understanding of the other side of the conflict.

Since children with siblings are exposed to these situations early in life, over time, they don’t excite them, and their background has already supplied them with the right tools to deal with these kinds of circumstances nicely. Thus, they’ll be able to avoid or prevent escalation of fights, and keep the relationship happier.

Once people who’ve developed those skills find a partner, they’ll know how to approach each argument with a caution, understand their partner’s wishes, and try to find a fair compromise, thanks to the skills that they’ve earned as children. By doing so, they’ll advance their relationships in positive and mature directions.

2. Big sisters make our parents get loose over time!

Another study found that older sisters tend to be disciplined a lot more than their younger siblings. This reasoning actually makes a lot of sense. After all, when parents bring their first child to the world, they’ll always be firmer towards them, because it’s their first time.

Yes, it’s hard and scary to raise your first kid, but after you do it once… it’s like riding a bike. So, when the second child comes along, the parents are a lot more relaxed, and allow their kids to enjoy themselves more. Sometimes, they even “break the parents’s barrier” and show you that they’re people too, which is really touching.

Next time you see your older sister or brother, remember to thank them for being the first to suffer your parents’ best negging sessions, and for wearing them down.

3. Your big sister is your own personal cheerleader

Your older sister has enjoyed life for a few more years than you, so she gained a little bit more knowledge, which she’ll probably pass down to you. You’ll always have someone to ask questions, to know better, and to help you achieve your goals and learn new skills. 

Your big sister encourages you to become the best person you can be, which builds ambition, independence, and character. Everything you’ll learn from her as a role model will help shape you as a more mature individual. 

Kids usually use imitative learning techniques to learn about social and sovereign behaviors. Consequently, your older sister is a big part of yourself, because she helped mold you into the incredible person that you are. 

4. Your older sister always supports you

Scientific sources also inferred that siblings who grow up with big sisters enjoy better teenage years: suffer from a lot less negative thoughts, loneliness, or guilt. They always know that they have their older sister in their corner, looking out for them. 

When you have a conflict or something that you don’t understand, you can always ask for your older sister’s advice. Because you’re still close in age, it’s easier to come to your sister, tell her your troubles, and find reasonable solutions and answers.

During these tough times, it’s nice to have someone that you know is a reliable ally, who’ll never betray you and will always protect you.

Kids who have older sisters, grow up to become more emotionally stable, and usually avoid anxiety and depression. Moreover, they actually become more empathetic, kind, and supportive people, just like their big sisters are.   

5. Your older sister loves you unconditionally.

Your big sister is like your protector, your confidant, your best friend, and your guide all rolled into one. She’ll always be there for you, even as you grow older.

The bond between a sibling and an older sister is one of the strongest in the world, and it will bring the younger sibling a lot of peace through life. Firstly, the sibling will always have someone to turn to and talk to from the heart. A big sister is a lot easier to talk to than our parents, and she’ll stick by our side to the very end.

The relationship you have with your older sister will be your longest. You form the most intimate relationship, and know that someone really does love you unconditionally, just the way you are.

Moreover, she’ll know you better than anyone. You won’t have to speak to express your emotions or what you want, because they’ll already know. 

Knowing that makes it easy to share secret and deep fears, which improves overall communication, and makes you feel that you always have someone to lean on. 

It’s fortunate to have a big sister that loves you and cares for you so deeply.

So, what do you think? Is having an older sister the best ever?! If you have an older sister that you love very much, SHARE this article with her, and let her know how much she truly means to you, and that you appreciate her.

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